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Calgary Immersion

STUDY OF YOGA NIDRA/May 9-16 2019 Bragg Creek, Ab


You are so welcome to join me for a week of sacred studies into the wisdom teachings of yoga nidra while being immersed in harmony with nature in the beauty of the Bragg Creek Area.

Immersion style learning encourages us to set aside our daily distractions and dive into the experience of exploring mental and emotional patterns, embracing the joy and delight of the experience of life, love and community, moving towards greater perception and elevated consciousness.

Each day offers nidra explorations, studies of the wisdom and science of the practice, silence, journal writing, and group discussion. Fresh wholesome meals will be offered to keep the consciousness elevated and nurtured.  Time to commune in nature and with oneself will be encouraged throughout the week. Transformation is a natural byproduct of this training.




Humanities quest for the true self is the foundation of all wisdom teachings. Yet often, the path towards self-realization is a steady uncovering and deep study of who we are not. Only then, when we illuminate all the personal content of our consciousness and shift our awareness to the impersonal stream of pure consciousness itself, will we be liberated into our own freedom. In these 3 modules, we will explore the ancient practice of yoga nidra, both as a practice and as a state of consciousness. We will also experience somatic prepatory movement techniques for full embodiment, and meditation for connection to soul. This course is for yoga teachers who are interested in offering Yoga Nidra, as well as for practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of the practice, and skillfully interact with the intelligent life force.

Yoga Nidra is a systematic relaxation practice that guides practitioners to an expanded state of awareness beyond the 5 senses. This wisdom teaching is a portal into one's authentic nature, where the timeless self resides.

For details on Modules 1,2,&3 please click here


Bragg Creek

A stunning timber-frame home - 35 minutes from Calgary on a quiet rural property on 10 acres. Nestled into the trees with a beautiful mountain view. A perfect setting for sacred studies and deep practices of stillness and silence. Enjoy beautiful common areas for deepening connection with the group, or retreat to the many quiet spaces that provide solitude and self reflection.



All meals are prepared fresh and onsite. Healthy, locally sourced, vegetarian meals with gluten free, dairy free, and other sensitivity options.


Tanis Fishman & Guests: Dr. Carol Hutchison, Nicola Fortin

Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy& Natural Childbirth (1).png

Carol Hutchison became a yoga teacher after experiencing firsthand the healing power of yoga. Her curiosity guided her to the wisdom teachings at the root of this transformative practice. By the age of four, Carol had survived two near-death experiences. Ten years later, she pushed into the boundaries of mind and body. The power of the mind seemed vast and not ready to be explored. Carol turned her fascination to the more finite and bounded - to understanding the body. This journey to really understand the body, its structure and mobility, led her to study medicine and orthopaedic surgery. Through the practice of orthopaedic surgery, she felt people’s varied suffering, which led her back to the mind and spirit. Carol trained as a Reiki Master and has applied the gifts of yoga and Reiki in the practice of medicine, finding the balance has improved patient care and student learning. Carol is committed to sharing the interconnection of physical body, mind and spirit to hold space for people on their own healing journey. Yoga is revealing the energy of love that opens us up to who we really are, and clarifies the source of our suffering, so we can restore our connection to the unlimited power of Oneness.

Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy& Natural Childbirth (2).png

Nicola Fortin is a Registered Psychologist working in private practice in Canmore Alberta for over 13 years. She was drawn to the healing and mystical aspects of a yoga practice from a very young age. She is also a yoga nidra and yoga instructor and finds constant themes and similarities between psychology and Yoga.

Nicola is especially dedicated and excited about the link between the conscious and unconscious mind, and the influence they have on each other. She believes that all beings have the potential to increase consciousness, leading to more balance, joy and freedom.

Nicola has also created unique workshops, retreats and teachings that incorporate neurology, psychology and the wisdom traditions and offers these across Canada and internationally.

She has been practicing her own journey of awakening consciousness for as long as she can remember. She feels incredibly honored to hold space for the light of awareness to shine.


Bragg Creek Area ( Address given upon Registration)


School of Sankalpa Tuition: $1332+gst


Day Guest (no meals, snacks included): $200

Day Guest (with meals): $675.

Day Guest (lunches only): $510

Drop in style option for past yoga nidra tt students

$125 per day for teachings

&175 for teachings and food

*please email Megan for further details -


Currently Full. Please contact us for further details.


Early Bird: $1440+gst

* Flights not included*


A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required upon registration with final payment due 30 days prior to our start date. Due to expenses there are no refunds 30 days prior to our course start date.

50% non-refundable must be paid by Jan 1st

75% non-refundable must be paid by Feb 1st 2019

100% non-refundable must be paid by April 1st 2019

No refunds issued after April 8th.


If you are interested in this training and would like more details, please contact Megan Luther:

Please fill out our APPLICATION FORM to ensure your registration. Upon acceptance a deposit is required to secure your space and is non-refundable

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