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Healing script-Tanis

Healing Script-tanis Fishman


The practice of yoga nidra begins now.


Lie comfortably on your back, and try to support your head as best as possible as the weight of it may become a distraction throughout the practice. Ensure you feel safe, warm, and supported by the blankets, props and space you are in.


Lying down in savasana, rest your head in neutral alignment, let your legs will fall easily to the sides, however allow the right and left side body to feel symmetrical. Walk one shoulder blade underneath of your body and then the other as your arms and hands comfortably fall to the side of your body with your palms outstretched.


Staring at the back of your eyelids, engage your peripheral vision and allow the eyes to sink back and wide into the eye sockets. Swallow, and track the energy of release down through your mouth to the base of your digestive system.


Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation to guide you to the seat of your conscious awareness. Through complete voluntary stillness and conscious relaxation of the physical body, tune yourself to the electric current of your nervous system and cue it to start to relax, rest and calm down. Through the practice of yoga nidra, you can enable the consciousness of your cells to come into a vibrational frequency with the optimal blue print of the human body and Spirit. This is naturally done by entering deep states of conscious relaxation. Position the awareness of your mind to staying awake and alert through the entire practice.


Stillness of your outer form will inspire and allow the inner fluctuation of thoughts and wakefulness to take the cue towards a quieter inner landscape as you begin to notice the natural pregnant pauses in between the top of your inhale and the bottom of your exhale. (pause) If you have trouble calming the mind, allow yourself to think the thoughts that are coming to your awareness right now and by the action of watching and observing their fluctuations, sink into a deeper seat of awareness inside of yourself. If you have no resistance to whatever is arising inside this moment, you will naturally be in a state of freedom…


Widen the bones of your pelvis and the bones of your skull and allow both to sink into the soft receptivity of the earth. Widen the central channel of your spinal column and feel a mercurial widening of the abdominal organs, the lungs and giving more space for your soft-beating heart. The bones on either side of your nose begin to widen and the muscles of your face soften any expression, personality and emotion gently melts off.


Any hardness your body has had to adapt due to stress, worry, or concern is placed on pause, you are here right now…in a safe environment.., feel a newborn like softness and liquidity is taking over your entire system. You are feeling the bones, joints, and muscles start to pool to the back of your body and the edge of where you end and the atmosphere around you begins, becomes more ethereal. Relaxation is a choice, a choice to return to your natural state.


Lastly, relax the part of your brain that labels and identifies matter into things separate from yourself. The sounds outside and inside of this room, my voice, the sound of your beating heart, the temperature of this room, the light dancing at the back of your eyelids, all become reduced to the vibration of light and sound that your softening inner ears begin to receive merely as vibration rather than things you prefer or dislike. Feel the vibration of your cells, the vibration of your environment, and the electricity of your body become quieter, softer and like a soft breeze to your conscious awareness.  



Through conscious relaxation and the soft receptivity that is evoked with humble prayer we will plant the Sankalpa, the intention or resolve that we work with in yoga nidra to express our authentic desire to the field of consciousness that we are softly swimming inside. This nidra practice will be guiding you towards a powerful and complete healing within your form. In a concise, powerful, and positive statement, your sanklalpa will be worded to express the form of healing that you are intending to receive in this practice.

Allow your mind to go into the quiet space associated with listening as you direct your awareness to the exquisite intelligence of your body, the all-seeing nature of your spirit, and the perfect condition of your heart to receive the Sankalpa that wants to come through you at this time. When you place your precise intention into that same receptive stillness of your mind, it is in this place that the fertile soils of quietude that become the deepest root amongst many thoughts that carry a more shallow foundation.


The doubtful, unwell, and disconnected portions of the mind now silence for the Sankalpa to rise to your awareness. If you are seeking an overall feeling of health and wellness, you may keep your Sankalpa general intending to align with the optimal blueprint of a perfect human form. If you are requesting a healing of a specific body part, internal issue, holding pattern within yourself, or disconnection from your essence – allow your Sankalpa to reflect the specifics of the healing that you will be receiving.

Examples may be. “ I am a perfectly healed, vibrant channel of Divine life force” or “My internal organs and systems are operating with perfect wholeness and wellness” “I am an expression of optimal health in human form”

“I am completely aligned with my body”

“I am well”.

Now, repeat your Sankalpa three times with courage, sincerity and complete faith in the power of it.



I will begin to guide you deeper into the practice of yoga nidra. Relax your looking eyes as we move through the rotation of physical consciousness – begin to see with your inner eye and your feeling state of sensation. Because this is a healing focused nidra, as I guide you to specific body parts, see and feel a warm glowing golden light being awakened in that area See the golden light connecting all the parts of your body that you bring your consciousness to. Move your awareness in sync with my voice as we connect the entire body in warm golden light.


Feel and see now the warm golden light awakening in your right thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, small finger, palm of the hand saturated with golden light, back of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, armpit, right side of ribcase, keep moving the golden light down the body…right thigh, knee, calf, ankle, top of the right foot, sole of the right foot, big toe, second toe, third toe, fourth toe, fifth toe. Hold the entire right side of your body in strong presence of the golden light.

Leave the right side, move to the left. Warm golden light awakens in the left hand. Left thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, small finger, palm of the hand filled with warm golden light, back of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, armpit, left side of ribcase, continue feeling the golden light…left thigh, knee, calf, ankle, top of the left foot, sole of the foot, big toe, second toe, third toe, fourth toe, fifth toe. Feel and see the entire left side of your body come online.

See this golden light move into your torso, connecting every single cell of your internal organs, lungs, heart, spine, nerves and muscular connections.. all being touched by awareness…golden warm light…

Move up the central spine into the brain. Move now into the forehead, right eyebrow, left eyebrow, center of the eyebrows, right eyeball, left eyeball, right cheek, left cheek, right ear, left ear, right nostril, left nostril, nose, tip of the nose, upper lip, lower lip, chin, whole face, teeth, gums, tongue, right and left side of the brain – Your entire head saturated now with golden warm light. Now bring awareness to all major parts, arms, legs, front, back, Entire body lit, connected, without any disconnections in your awareness…homogenous awareness of your whole body…warm golden light…whole body awareness…whole body awareness… Feel and see your entire body deeply woven into the energy of this golden light. Feel your whole body buzzing light without interruption or disconnection seamlessly from top to bottom, within all areas, perfectly connected, perfectly glowing patterns of light. Feel your whole body communicating perfect and optimal health…you are in a healing state…recalibrating to the larger intelligence field of nature…there’s nothing you need to do…just stay aware and observe your body healing itself…(long pause)



Observe the breath…watch the natural breath arising inside you…you are witnessing life happening…without any interference…see the warm glowing golden light as the breath…moving…pulsing through you…the natural breath is growing the light…intensifying the light inside your body…Your breath is not localized to lungs…but every cell in your body is breathing…observe this…feel the power and movement of the breath like rivers of golden light flowing through your body. Every inhale and exhale seamlessly connect and move powerful light through your entire system. Soft, powerful light glowing with each inhale and exhale…(pause). Now bring awareness to your spine. Start at the bottom and watch the inhale travel up your spine…bringing the golden light to this area…once you reach the crown of the head, the exhale brings the light down the spine to coccyx. Maintain awareness of the breath moving up and down the spine…golden light moving simultaneously with the breath….(pause) Now mentally repeat the mantra of the breath - SO HAM with every breath. S-O as you breath in….H-A-M as you breath out…Stay alert with the mantra…light channeled up and down the spine…growing brighter and brighter with each repetition…illuminating the entire system…(pause)



Now bring your awareness to the opposite sensations that I cue to you. Awakening these specific sensations will bring balance and homeostasis to the brain enabling a deeper sense of relaxation.

Now experience yourself becoming heavy.  Feel every muscle, every bone, every joint heavy, sinking into the floor.  Imagine the body being filled with sand, the sand filling out to the edges and corners of your body adding weight to your fingers and toes, sinking deeper through the back of your skull, through your shoulders, hips, and heels.  Feel yourself so heavy that you couldn’t lift your body from the floor if you tried. So heavy, extreme heaviness.


Lightness, lightness, lightness, the body now becomes light, weightless.  Every bone, muscle and joint begins to lighten and feel buoyant as if it could begin to float up off the floor.   All the sand is now pouring out of your body and onto the floor. Feeling extremely light. The boundaries of the physical body begin to dissolve and fade away as your inner space begins to merge with the space surrounding you.  Lightness, lightness, lightness.


Now, Recall the feeling of heavy and light. Hold both these sensations at the same time in your awareness. There is enough room inside you for both these sensations to be held in a relaxed way…(pause)


Feel the body now become very HOT

Develop the manifestation of heat in and around the body.

Imagine standing in the desert, at midday, in the blazing hot sun. Your throat is becoming dry and parched from the heat. You are breathing in intense heat. Each inhale of the hot air increases the heat within your body.

Develop the feeling of heat within the body from head to toes.

Feel the experience with all of your senses.

You are experiencing extreme heat.


Now reverse the feeling and try to feel COLD

Become aware of temperature below zero, and dropping rapidly.

Your whole body experiences the effects of a freezing cold wind blowing from a snow-covered glacier.

A deep freeze descends around you.

Awaken a sense of intense cold. Feel your body start to shiver.


Now, hold both the sensations of hot and cold simultaneously. Feel both hot and cold together at the same moment in time…(pause)


Now bring about a feeling or past experience of sickness. What did it feel like to be sick...remember that feeling and tune into the low vibration of sickness...

Wellness, remember a time where you felt completely well and healthy. Your body and mind vibrant and rich. Let this sensation of total health and wellness expand throughout your body, as you stay relaxed…

Now hold both the feeling of sickness and wellness together in a relaxed way…(pause)


Shift into the space between the eyebrow centre. This is called Chidakash in yoga nidra…the space of consciousness…rest here in the dark emptiness… like the farthest corners of deep space. Sink your entire awareness into the blackness of the space and grow your mind even quieter…remember you are practicing yoga nidra…(pause)



We now prepare for rapid visualization. I will call off numerous images. You should try to develop a vision of these on all levels - feeling, emotion, awareness, imagination - as best as you can.

Jump from image to image as you hear them. Do not dwell on any particular images.

Practice non-attachment to anything that arises from the naming of the images. If you cannot keep up, do not worry - just follow the instructions. I may repeat a few images.

Some of the images may be known to you, some may be unknown. Either way, do not think too much or dwell on the images. Keep your awareness moving by following my voice.


Bright gold of the rising sun, luminous light of the full moon, green rainforest canopy, turquoise glacier lake X3, radiant pink of a sunset, bright red healthy blood, 100 purple wildflowers, ruby red statue of ganesha X3, A burning candle, Greek temple at sunrise, peacock feather, your own reflection in a mirror,  a cross above a Church, white dove, a burning house, your mother’s face; raging mountain stream, tibetan prayer flags blowing in the wind, thousand petaled lotus flower X3…


Now see a tube growing out of the crown of your head. This tube extends the furthest reaches of your conscious space...and plugs into source light (pause). This light is pure, clean, and in vibrational alignment with love. Sense the tube connected and plugged in...and the light begins to flow down the secure tube right into the crown gate of your head. Feel this clean pure light filling up your body. Sense the high vibrational energy moving through your body from head to toes. See and feel the quantity of light in your cells increasing. The overall frequency of your cells is growing higher. There is so much light inside your cells...light is emanating from your body into the surrounding space…(pause) Continue to see and feel your body’s amount of light growing and growing. Your body is in alignment now with love...your body is full of wellness…(long pause)


Remember your Sankalpa.  See and hear the words of your sankalpa in the space of chidakasha. With full awareness, faith and conviction, repeat your Sankalpa now 3 times (pause).   

Gently return to your breath….your natural life giving breath…(pause)…feel the bones of your body, the sensations of the hard floor, the temperature of the room, the sound of my voice. Feel the formation of the many curves and lines of your form.  Experience your relaxed body…your physical existence…whole body awareness…


The practice of yoga nidra is now complete.

Hari Om Tat Sat. Hari Om Tat Sat. Hari Om Tat Sat.


When you are ready begin to move your body and feel yourself coming back fully.  In your own time you can roll over onto one side into fetal position, and rest here for a few moments. (long Pause)  Use your arms to push yourself to a natural seated position, eyes closed and attention inward. Sit in the state of wellness and vibrancy that is your essence and feel a powerful alertness grow through your being.




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