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Welcome to the School of Sankalpa. 

I’m Tanis Fishman. While I call Calgary home, I travel the inner and outer realms of experience in search of sacred knowledge that will assist and support our human journey and inspire our soul’s evolution towards higher consciousness.

Yoga Nidra is one such practice that is ancient in its roots; yet extremely relevant in its modern application. The ‘sleep of a yogi’ reflects the state of consciousness where the awareness is functioning at a deeper level of experience. No longer grasping on the outer world of misperception and illusion but retreating back to its own source of existence. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of this inner state are numerous, but it is the direct realization of awareness itself that lies at the heart of this teaching. This Truth is our birth right and available to everyone.




The school is devoted to sharing these wisdom teachings to anyone and everyone who will find benefit, and to the artful skill of navigating the sacred space between wakefulness and dream. Learning how to consciously shift into different states of consciousness is an ancient technology that can assist in healing, creativity, transformation, and awakening to a larger truth.

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience training with the School of Sankalpa. The wisdom, guidance and kindness of Tanis, Kristen and Catherine provide the perfect container for growing as a teacher and practitioner of Yoga Nidra. I’ve come away from this training feeling embodied and expanded, and am so thankful I made the choice to explore the practice of Yoga Nidra with the SOS. I cannot wait for the modules and offerings that are yet to come. All love and gratitude.
— ~ Danielle P
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I approached this training with no expectations, in the best possible way, but with a deep knowing and faith that I needed to be there. Far more than a teacher training, this experience was profoundly transformative and liberating for me in so many ways. The space that was created and held by all was safe and sacred, the knowledge and wisdom that was shared was clear, well presented and still had a spark of magic to it, the experience of immersing myself along with fellow students was incredible. If your heart has guided you towards this training, then trust it, take the leap, and surrender yourself to the timeless experience that learning with Tanis, Heather and the entire faculty provides. Deepest gratitude for this experience, something I will never forget and that marks a pivotal time in my life.
— ~Lauren Barber-England
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