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New Beginnings-Sheena Mason

 New beginnings NIDRA-Sheena Mason


Opening Relaxation:


Laying on your back in the restful position of Savasana. Refine your attention to rest symmetrically on both sides of your body. Right and left sides like a mirror image. To signal to your body that you are ready to relax, take a breath deep into your belly and hold it in. Relax around the inhale as you hold and pause. Exhale to release completely. Do that again 2 times. Holding your breath in deliberately as you relax your inner body. Invite a deep release as you exhale. Allow for any sound that comes natural with a huge release.


As you grow quiet take a final inquiry to see if there are any final adjustments that need to be made to care for the comfort of your body. Then mentally repeat to yourself. I will not move. I will not sleep. I am going to practice yoga Nidra.


The practice of yoga Nidra begins now


Call to mind the image of someone you love so much. The face of someone whom you care for so deeply. A strong connection, child, animal, friend lover…….

Let the image open a feeling of loving this one, so alive.

Step inside, by noticing your chest rise and fall. Watch the protective layers, guarding the heart and lungs, rise and fall like bellows or like an accordion fanning out and in. Move to the back ribs. Let the spaces between them spread out. Gently giving towards the ground. Sense the right and left sides widening. Soft attentive focus on the ribs. Slowing down time as you watch.


Heart relaxing back. Ribs pulsating together. Moving together. Let the sensation of love wash through your chest, like a warm light, washing through you. Notice if it has a specific sensation or color.   Then guide the sensation or color of love down your abdomen with the guidance of awareness landing there. Arrive fully in the navel centre and in your lower back and pelvis. Unconditional relaxation travelling through the centre legs, muscles, bones and to the tips of the toes. Lower body falling asleep.


Let the quiet take over as you pause to listen in the stillness……

Now use your inner sense to locate your pulse, heartbeat in your feet, the language of the inner world is often subtle. Rest in the rhythm of your heartbeat.  Then follow the circulation rivers through your inner body. Up to your heart.


Draw the sense of love up through your neck, washing the back of your mouth, inner ears and eyes. Touch the centre of your forehead. Let any holding in the skin melt down the sides softening your hairline and scalp.


Focus in on the space in the centre of your chest and centre of your forehead simultaneously. The centre of higher knowing and the centre of higher connection at the same time. Stay in the openness of these two points.



Who does your heart and vision see you to be. Out of every possibility ask to see what you truly wish… In the form of an ‘I am’ statement.  

It is ok if nothing comes up. You can deeply trust you, as awareness,  to be with whatever arises.


It is now time to plant in your Sankalpa. Repeat the I am statement 3 times with deep faith that it is already happening. Let the feeling ripple through you as you become it now.


Anamaya Kosha:


You will now move through the physical layer. Bringing your awareness to the body part that I mention. Beginning in the right hand Palm. Thumb. Pointer finger. Middle finger. Ring finger. Small finger. All 5 fingers and palm together. Wrist. Elbow. Shoulder. Whole right arm. Ribs. Hip. Knee. Ankle. Sole of the foot. Big toe. Second toe. Third toe. Fourth toe. Fifth toe. All five toes and sole together. Whole right leg together.

Repeat left side circuit.


Now move up the back channel of the body starting in the heels of both feet. Back of the calves. Back of the knees. Hamstrings. Right lower back. Left lower back. Mid back. Shoulder blades. Back of the head. Forehead. Right eyeball and socket. Left eyeball and socket. Nose. Right nostril. Left nostril. Upper lip. Lower lip.  Neck. Collarbones.

Beating heart. Locate the pulse of your heart. Flush awareness to the whole body. The whole body. Whole body.


Pranamaya: step back into watching your breath without interference. Watch the casing of your ribs expand in all directions. Like each and every breath has a new teaching to show you. Completely follow the guidance of the breath with inner listening, seeing and surrender.


You will now count the breath backwards from 24 to 1. Repeating with me in your mind and then on your own. As you inhale, mentally repeat “Inhale 24. Exhale 24. Inhale 23. Exhale 23” Continue on, on your own. Staying totally with the breath as you count.

If you lose count, start again at 24.

Please begin...Counting the breath backwards.


…….continue with the practice of counting your breath from 24 to 1.


Manomaya Kosha:  release hold of your breath and relax back into the quiet. Feeling supported and in allowance as you will now explore the layer of duality in exploring opposite sensations.

Let the sensations arise and strengthen without interference. As this regulates and recalibrates the emotional body and comparing mind.


Fear: let the emotion, the sensation of fear emerge and rise up. Exploring the imprints of fear in the body that are ready to be seen and integrated. It can rise up so you can know it more and be with it more. Fear. More and more. Fear is allowed to rise up. Emotional and Mental fears allowed here. Up and up. Rising up.

As you witness Fear and remain open, it no longer has a hold over you. You can see it. It is safe to know fear.


Let fear dissipate. Return to neutral. Calm and connected.


Now awaken the sensation of trust. Trust is awakening from your system. Knowing that everything is taken care of. You don't have to worry. You trust. Know trust and call it up to the surface. Rise up and up. More and more.  Trust the wisdom of the universe to take care of everything. Trust.


Stay connected to trust but awaken fear again. Both fear and trust existing at the same time. Sense the pull. The polarity as you experience both ultimate trust and rising fear.


Vijnanamaya Kosha


Rest back into the space behind your closed eyes. Bring ease to the space in your chest and breath back the sensation of love. A warm light flowing through you into every piece of you as you begin to awaken your higher vision. Flow up to the centre of your forehead and visualize, create and see the images that I name from head and heart. Moving from one image to the next.



The dark night on the new moon

A giant snake chasing its tail

People dancing in firelight

A herd of white elephants X3

An expecting mothers growing belly

The first light of the sunrise

The faces of your ancestors

An old Wooden door

A single snowflake X3

Shooting stars. Shooting stars. Shooting stars

Crystal clear blue waters

Redwood forest

Freshly planted flowers

Swimming with dolphins

A life raft floating in the water

A brand new journal X3


Stay connect to the journal. Pages empty and crisp. This is no ordinary journal. It's pages full of potentials. Every possibility that has not yet be written or chosen. It changes size and shape with your will and in your hands.

Place pen to paper and ask your Divine consciousness if there is anything for your self to know at this time. Pictures. Words or symbols may arise. Rest back and notice the messages. You can skim to the future pages, seeing what the potentials of future are like. Even to the very last page.


And now


It is now time to choose. From heart and head. Write your Sankalpa, your I am statement in your journal 3 times. Watching the words take shape. Watching the unfolding of your writings and letting the sensation amplify.


It is done. Close the journal as the universe knows who you are. Now watch the journal become smaller, shrinking down smaller and smaller. Move it into your chest and directly into your heart. Like a seed planting. Sense it there. Feel it there.

And lay back among the formless waves that connect all life.




Land into the current experience of your body. Asleep and on the ground. Tune into whatever sensations are new. Even the slightest sensations or experiences that are new. Completely LET your body be in whatever is new. Many patterns and beliefs naturally fall away as you have rested deeply.  You can choose to be free from them by remaining in what is new in this moment in time.



The practice of yoga Nidra is now complete. Hari Om Tat Sat X3



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