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Meet your mentors

Catherine Nelson Reid 

Catherine works in many ways through the lens of yoga and other modalities that are in her own personal practice or sadhana. Her passion is anchored in the practice of guiding students to shift their limiting believe patterns and live an inspired life free of the old chains of beliefs and negative self affirmation.

“All my sessions include a focus in this area, as I believe  that when we start with ‘who we think we are,’  the real work begins. This is the place that mountains move…”

Areas of focus that may be of interest to you:

Refining Teaching Skills

I work by refining voice and vocal cadence, developing your own style that is authentically yours, and above all establishing steady confidence in the seat of the Teacher. 

Shifting Limited Belief Patterns 

Through in the moment awareness, meditation and the practice of Yoga Nidra we can shift who we have become and reclaim our clear divine self.


Heather Ivany

Heather’s offerings in the role of mentorship lies in her skillset to take the ancient teachings of Nidra and practically apply them to everyday.  “My passion lies in collaboratively working with individuals to allow the process of being in your strongest element to naturally begin to unfold in your everyday living.”  Heather’s ability to merge the human realm with the universal realm offers guidance and inspiration to those seeking depth in the practical application of the teachings of yoga nidra. 

Areas of focus that may be of interest to you:

Beliefs in the everyday:

Through the process of refining the tools of self-observation and mini-rests throughout the day we can begin suspend the disbelief that our opening to our highest nature can only be opened in nidra/meditative states.

Koshas in the everyday:

Koshas are not reserved to only be explored in higher states. What koshas are shadow and which are in light?  Together we will explore how to bring the two end of the spectrum into harmony. 

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Lindsey Park

Lindsey's role as a mentor is deeply rooted in the science behind the nidra practice, as well as condensing that information into easy to understand teaching methods so to support students in gaining deeper insight as to what is happening under the surface in a nidra state.  She is a natural space holder, and can offer tools to guide more confidence and steadiness while holding space for students, both before and after practice as well as during a nidra experience.  Her timing, use of language, and voice control are all aspects of her teaching that translates easily into mentorship, while offering supportive feedback with easy exercises and skill building practices that you can work on to gain more confidence in your teaching.  

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