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Niagara Falls

study of yoga nidra/immersion format July 7-14 2019 / Niagara Falls, Ontario


Are you looking to deepen your practice in a unique holistic community? Our collaboration with many beautiful souls has come together in creating this meaningful opportunity that brings community together and adds to the quality of life that has been very close to our hearts. We are excited to offer our School of Sankalpa Program in an immersion formant spanning over 8 days. We invite you to join us for a week of growth and sharing centered around the principles of the School of Sankalpa and in harmony with nature in the beauty of the Bliss Haven Retreat Centre.

Immersion style learning encourages us to set aside our daily distractions and dive into the experience of exploring mental and emotional patterns, embracing the joy and delight of the experience of life, love and community, moving towards greater perception and elevated consciousness.

Each day offers fresh wholesome meals mixed with a balance of module offerings, dialogue, nidra experiences, optional self-guided yoga practices and self reflection.  We encourage time for self exploration, reflection and journaling whether it be in nature right on the retreat centre or indoors in the many common areas and private spaces. Evening satsang offer a time to gather to share and reflect our truths, and celebrate our time together.




Humanities quest for the true self is the foundation of all wisdom teachings. Yet often, the path towards self-realization is a steady uncovering and deep study of who we are not. Only then, when we illuminate all the personal content of our consciousness and shift our awareness to the impersonal stream of pure consciousness itself, will we be liberated into our own freedom. In these 3 modules, we will explore the ancient practice of yoga nidra, both as a practice and as a state of consciousness. We will also experience somatic prepatory movement techniques for full embodiment, and meditation for connection to soul. This course is for yoga teachers who are interested in offering Yoga Nidra, as well as for practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of the practice, and skillfully interact with the intelligent life force.

Yoga Nidra is a systematic relaxation practice that guides practitioners to an expanded state of awareness beyond the 5 senses. This wisdom teaching is a portal into one's authentic nature, where the timeless self resides.

For details on Modules 1,2,&3 please click here


Bliss Haven Retreat CENTRE


Since its inception, Bliss Haven Retreat has been a nurturing haven of laughter, peace and positivity to myriads of groups and individuals. The very love, care, nurture, freedom, and a feeling of home away from home for recharging/healing that we dreamed of for ourselves is what led owner Dolly to this property.  “The minute we laid eyes on the property which is today called Bliss Haven Retreat, it took our breath away, we knew that many could come and benefit from the serenity and grandeur offered by nature both within and without.”  One can wander through mature trees and open meadows or walk to Lake Erie and the Grand River and experience the feeling of relaxation and oneness with nature. Located a mere 40 minutes from Niagara Falls and 90 minutes from Toronto, this retreat centre is aimed to satiate ease of travel, tourist destinations, and the quality of space and energy required when immersing in our nidra training.


Bliss Haven Retreat is the perfect place to relax or be active.

It is in the town of Dunnville which is at the delta where the Grand River flows into Lake Erie. The captivating charm of the flora and fauna owes its uniqueness to it being the only pocket of the Carolinian forest left in Canada. The Grand’s varied resources, its historic and cultural value as a river system are recognized nationally and internationally with its designation as a Canadian Heritage River. Enjoy captivating views while Kayaking /Canoeing in it. Visitors would enjoy the picturesque scenic beauty of both the river and the lake which are blocks away from the property and are a favorite of golfers, hikers, cyclists, campers, bird watchers, boaters, photographers, artists and sightseers. Lake Erie’s beautiful shoreline offers countless opportunities such as boating, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming - or just relaxing and soaking up the sun on the beach. The Rock Point Provincial Park is also a few blocks away and is visited each September by throngs of monarch butterflies on their migratory path to Mexico. Migrating birds (up to 260 species) travel through the park throughout.

***We have reserved the option for guests to arrive 2 days prior and stay 2 days later if they should choose to soak up the amazing national parks, beaches and natural landscapes in the area. Highly recommended!***


Bliss Haven Retreat is known for its hospitality and delicious food. We have multiple chefs with 28 years of experience who prepare fresh meals onsite for groups.

Bliss Haven caters to the needs of both individuals and groups based on their requirements including vegan, organic, vegetarian, juicing, raw food, gluten free, dairy free, and people with various food intolerances. Meal menus are especially prepared to cater to the taste buds and needs of individuals and are served in a buffet style.

Whenever they can, Bliss Haven uses produce grown locally at nearby organic farms or freshly picked at Bliss Haven organic gardens and use farm fresh organic eggs.

A variety of breads made fresh with different grains add to the food experience. All meals provided by Bliss Haven are Vegetarian, home made and locally sourced.


Tanis Fishman, Heather Ivany & Lindsey Park


Bliss Haven Retreat Centre: 1028 Canal Bank Rd, Dunnville, ON N1A 2W5


School of Sankalpa Tuition: $1332+hst

Day Guest: Staying off-site to sleep

Day Guest (no meals, snacks included): Before March 1st: $150. After March 1st $350

Day Guest (with meals): $675+hst.

Day Guest (lunches only): $510+hst

**Special Dietary needs like Juicing, organic, raw food, etc. an additional $10/day


Accommodations are available in different sized bedrooms with different sized comfortable beds. In addition, there is dorm-style accommodation. All accommodations are on a first come first serve basis. Tenting also available


$920.00+hst (meals included)

You bring your own tenting supplies or Bliss Haven can provide tent, sleeping equipment and bedding for you. Both individual tents and shared tents available.

Dorm: 10+ Beds/Room

Early Bird Before March 1st $1038.00+hst (meals included). After March 1st $1238

Semi-Private: 3-4 Beds/Room

Early Bird Before March 1st: $1198.00+hst (meals included). After March 1st $1398.00+hst

Private Room: Not shared with anyone. Please note only 4 rooms available and are first come first serve.

Early Bird before March 1st: $1548.00+hst (meals included). After March 1st: $1748.00

* Flights not included*

** Airport Shuttle from Pearson Airport available for $50 round trip. Our Shuttle leaves the Pearson airport at 12:00 pm on Sunday July 7th and returns to the airport Sunday July 14th at 2pm. Space is limited. Please inform us if you need to use this service.

***Massage available onsite. You can be booked yourself upon your arrival.

Cancellation policy:

A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required upon registration with final payment due 30 days prior to our start date. Due to expenses there are no refunds 30 days prior to our course start date.

50% non-refundable must be paid by Jan 1st

75% non-refundable must be paid by March 1st 2019

100% non-refundable must be paid by June 1st 2019

No refunds issued after June 1st.


If you are interested in this training and would like more details, please contact Heather Ivany:

Please fill out our APPLICATION FORM to ensure your registration. Upon acceptance a deposit is required to secure your space and is non-refundable

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