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The Faculty

meet the faculty

Tanis Fishman- founder

The teachings of Yoga Nidra have fascinated me ever since my first introduction to the practice at the Bihar School of Yoga in India over 18 years ago. Through my own dedicated study and sitting at the feet of master teachers and seers, I am slowly piecing together a larger framework and understanding of this core wisdom teaching. I feel a sense of responsibility to share this information with whomever would benefit from this knowledge, and with a knowingness that it is our birthright to explore and directly experience our multidimensional consciousness.

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Discovering Yoga Nidra has guided my continual journey of exploring the deeper layers of myself and has helped me to cultivate my capacity to witness: witness myself, my beliefs, my motivations, my emotions and sensations. I hold over 1800 hours of formal yoga training in the layers of my body and the many years as the soul of The Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre. Together this has gifted me with a multifaceted perspective of Yoga, its practices and teachings AND also what is to be human.

With an evolving devoted practice, I traverse my internal landscape, digging deeper to my own core; compelled by the call to service. Bringing a compassionate heart to each of my offerings is essential to my teachings. I hold my students dearly to my heart and create classes and yoga offerings that create space for all students to experience their own light, the love that they inherently are and their ability to transform and love.

Megan luther- Treasurer & Mentor

My journey with yoga reached a new level when I came across Yoga Nidra, I had never experienced such a visceral connection to oneness before. I felt deep resonance; the practice vibrated truth to the core of my being. For much of my life to that point, I had searched externally for validation of who I was and what I was “doing” rather than focusing on “being”.

My gratitude for Yoga Nidra continues to grow and expand along with my knowledge and I strive to bring compassion and variety to each one of my offerings. My teaching comes from the heart, which has proved to be my highest teacher. I believe that we all have everything we need inside ourselves and it takes true courage to go within. For me, this has not always been an easy path, there have been many lessons in letting go – of identity, of expectations and of outcomes. In many ways I’ve slowly been uncovering “who I really am” through the identification of what I am not, and this has required complete surrender into the unknown, release of what no longer serves me and an unwavering trust in my heart. 

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